Farraige® Latest PC Repair Screwdriver Set, 110 in 1 Professional Precision Screwdriver Set, Multi-Function Magnetic Repair Computer Tool Kit Compatible with Mobiles/Tablets/Glasses/Laptop/PC etc

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Price: ₹2,999.00 - ₹829.00
(as of Oct 03,2021 14:16:32 UTC – Details)


Farraige Screwdriver Set Electronic, 110 in 1 Magnetic Repair Tool Kit for Phone/Laptop/Eyeglasses/Watch/Cellphone/PC/Camera

110 in 1 Tool Kit Details:

12 disassembly accessories:
1*Aluminum handle
1*Extension bar
1*Flexible extension shaft
2*plastic pry tools
1*SIM card removal tool
1*Suction cup
2*Triangle pry pieces
1*Bit holder for powered screwdriver

98 Screwdriver Hits:
T1 T2*2 T3*2 T4*2 T5*2 T6 T7 T8 T9 T10 T15 T20
T6H T7H T8H T9H T10H T15H
H0.7 H0.9 H1.3 H1.5 H2.0 H2.5 H3.0 H3.5 H3.5 H4.0 H4.5 H5 H6
PH0000*2 PH000*2 PH00*2 PHO*2 PH1*2 PH2*2
SL1.0 SL1.5*2 SL2.0*2 SL2.5*2 SL3.0*2 SL3.5*2 SL4.0*2
0.8*2 1.2*2 1.5 2.0
PZ00 PZ0 PZ1 PZ2
S0 S1 S2 2.0 2.3 2.6 3.0
W2.0 W2.5
U2.6*2 U3.0*2
Y0.6*2 Y2.0 Y2.5 Y3.0 0.8 1.0
M2.5 M3.0 M3.5 M4.0 M4.5 M5.0 M5.5

98 x screwdriver bits
12 x disassembly tool
1 x box

【98 Screwdriver Heads】 Upgrade version of up to 98 screwdriver heads for more electronic products. A set can solve the repair work of different items, no longer worry about not finding the right repair tools.
【12 Electronics Repair Tool Accessories】 Small screwdrivers set available in soft and hard extensions for narrow corners. It is also equipped with antistatic tweezers and non-slip silicone handles for all types of occasions.
【Screwdriver Set with Case】Our Repair tool kits is equipped with a storage box(16*10*4.5cm) made of PP material, The storage space is designed reasonably, and each screwdriver head has a name, do not worry about confusion and loss.
【Home DIY Tool Kit】This practical and perfect screwdriver set is a must-have emergency kit for every family. just need to understand the steps, you can disassemble and repair at home, no need to spend money to find someone to repair .

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