Right Plus 10″ LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand for YouTube Photo-Shoot Video Shoot Live Stream | Instagram | Selfie | Photography | vlogging | Makeup | iPhone | Android Mobile & Camera

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Price: ₹3,999.00 - ₹899.00
(as of Sep 25,2021 15:21:42 UTC – Details)


Why Use a Ring Light ? Ring lights are perfect for makeup tutorials, YouTube, Photo Shoot and so on because they cast an even, gentle light that removes shadows on the face. There are ring lights with adjustable brightness, like the Right Plus 10” Ringlight, which gives flawless, continuous and flicker-free lighting so you can accurately see the colours you are applying without awkward shadows getting in the way. The ring light’s goose neck and light stand is fully adjustable, allowing you to place the ring light exactly at the angle you want it. This ring light is daylight balanced, to help you avoid unnatural colour casts, and if you wish to warm the light temperature up (for instance to suit darker complexions without the skin looking washed out), you can add snap-on filters to give the light a warmer glow. If you don’t want to mess around with filters, you can get the Right Plus 10″ Ring light, which allows you to adjust to the colour temperature that you require, from daylight balanced through to warm orange with just a turn of knob – this is the main difference in controls between the two lights. ring light inch with stand , This is a great tripod with ring light, This is tik tok stand for phone, It can be used as best Camera Light, This is a tiktok ring light with stand, you can say mobile tripod stand with light, Do I Really Need a Proper Stand ? “Yes” is the short answer! You can’t just prop your ring light up against a wall or book – not if you want it to give you the best light you can get. An adjustable ring light stand is essential to get the best out of your light, and also to hold it safely without the risk of it toppling over.

✅STABLE TRIPOD STAND : Camera ring light is made of premium alloy material, with strong bearing capacity, and the plastic foot pad is stable, can prevent scratching the floor.
✅POWERED RING LIGHT : USB Powered, no battery needed, works well with multiple devices, like PC, Laptop, Battery Bank. Easy control on cord to power on/off or switch to the lighting mode you prefer. Uses for vlogging camera, video camera for youtubers, professional video camera
✅Three colours shades- Natural light, White light and Warm light shaded which can be changed with a control switch set. There’s an ON/OFF button, Light intensity increasing/decreasing switches. sutable for Video Recording Camera , Mobile Camera, Light Stand. This is a Great Ring Light with Stand. People say Right Plus Fantastic Ring Lights.
✅Extremely Easy to Assemble : This is very easy to assemble because all parts are easily fitable Like moble holder , Tripod , Ring Light all are great fit for eachother. This is best selfie ring light for mobile, people call it selfie light.

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