TOUARETAILS Reusable Heel Cushion Inserts for Shoes Heel Pads Self Adhesive Back Grips Liners Blister and Callus Prevention and Protection Heel Pain Relief for Men and Women – 2 Pairs (Design A)

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Price: ₹999.00 - ₹349.00
(as of Nov 06,2021 13:30:50 UTC – Details)


Product Description

 Reusable Heel Cushion Inserts   Reusable Heel Cushion Inserts


Just put them on and they will stay in place and prevent your shoes from sliding up and down on the heel.

This heel kit is a heel protector for everyone, especially those who don’t wear heels often but want to wear them occasionally.

There will be no more blisters on the bottom of the ankle and you can walk on flats on the pavement without pain.



The heel pads adopt a hollow cylinder design to adjust the space automatically. They keep your shoes from slipping out and make them more comfortable when the shoe size is bigger.

And these heel pads are widely used for many shoes, such as high-heels, leather shoes. They also perfectly applicable to new shoes and slightly bigger shoes, suitable for all ages of people.

 Reusable Heel Cushion Inserts  Reusable Heel Cushion Inserts

Reusable Heel Cushion Inserts Reusable Heel Cushion Inserts

How to Use

Clean the shoes and keep them dry.Remove the plastic backing.Adjust the position until you feel comfortable.Stick the pads to the shoes and press firmly.

Reusable Heel Cushion Inserts Reusable Heel Cushion Inserts

Prevent blisters and calluses caused by friction

One size fits all, suitable for different models of the shoesEffectively fill the space between shoes and feet, relieve your feet pain and reduce your feet pressurePrevent chafing and protect your feet well from blisters and calluses, provide maximum comfort and cushion all-dayYou can adjust the position of these stickers when you feel uncomfortable

Reusable Heel Cushion Inserts Reusable Heel Cushion Inserts

Gel heel grips for INVISIBLE

It effectively helps prevent chafing and cuts of the skin. Provides a durable and comfortable fit around the heel.

NO Slipping: Cushions are designed to fit the contour of the heel section of the shoe. Reduces about 1/4-ish of sizes. This makes shoes a bit more tight. Gel material stop your feet from slipping in and out of your shoes.
Heel Pain Killer: Gel liners protect and support your heels from pain, blisters, callus. foot technology reduces impact, same time side and back protectors pad cup soften chafing, holds heels in place and prevents rubbing and slide.
Reusable: These women’s shoe inserts can be removed and used with another pair of shoes over and over again. If the adhesive loses its grip, simply wash it in warm soapy water, let it dry, and you can use it again. Do not dry in the sun
Comfortable & Protective: Enjoy your feet with your gorgeous heels, no worry about your feet hurt in a long walk

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